Enthusiasts for adventure, specialists in emotion, scouts for new experiences, experts in escape – at Wonderbox, we capture moments of happiness and box them up!

Created in 2004 by Bertile Burel & James Blouzard, a young couple passionate about travel and discovery, Wonderbox grew quickly in France and internationally by word-of-mouth.

Today, Wonderbox is the European leader in gift boxes and offers turnkey experiences in the world of sports, well-being, gastronomy, and travel.

With over 500 employees and a turnover of 250 million euros, our products are distributed in France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Portugal, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, the USA and Canada. Wonderbox is continuing its strong growth with the aim of remaining at the cutting edge of innovation in the leisure market.

Wonderbox NL B.V. is the market leader of giftboxes (gift boxes for a nice dinner, an overnight stay or another fun activity) and various giftcards (for example “Huis & Tuin Cadeau” and “Klus Cadeau” ) in the Netherlands.

From its office in Haarlem a young team of 35 enthusiastic colleagues are working at the success of Wonderbox. We are proud of our company and our products and are always looking for new colleagues to help us grow and for interns to whom we can transfer our passion.

Looking for a great job in a challenging and fun environment?  Take a look at our vacancies!

James and Bertile, co-founders of Wonderbox

By joining the Wonderbox team, you will have the opportunity to work with talented, motivated, and dynamic colleagues in a constantly-evolving environment. You will be able to grow within a company that is quickly expanding internationally and with the strength of a true corporate culture.” 



    Starting a new job is always the start of an adventure. It should match our dreams and ambitions, and be guided by passion. Adventure is the starting point at Wonderbox!

    It is what brought us where we are, and what still motivates us today to advance, grow, and lead.

    A collective adventure in which each employee has a place and can improve in an atmosphere that we resolutely strive to make fun, warm, and exciting every day.


    Since the beginning of the Wonderbox adventure in 2004, the notion of surpassing one’s limits has been a deep part of our DNA.

    To develop and grow a company, you cannot be stopped by the first obstacle or the first satisfactory results: you must go far further!

    That is our daily philosophy, and the ability that we look for in all of our employees.


    In a competitive market, innovation is a necessity for keeping our competitive advantages or acquiring new ones.

    Innovating means creating value by providing something new, whether for our clients or in our way of doing business.

    Our constant search for innovation makes us currently the most reactive actor on the market, and regularly in the top position.

  • Behind the scenes

    Wonderbox NL is based in the beautiful office at the Waardepolder (next to the Lichtfabriek). At the third floor of the building you find one open office space where there is place for more than 35 employees.

    Need some distraction from work? Play a game of table tennis or table football with your coworkers.
    Office WBX NL
    Board Room
    Table Tennis 2
    Office WBX NL Board Room Office Table Tennis 2
  • Good Food, Good Mood

    At Wonderbox we value good coffee, so at our office you can grab a fresh cup of coffee that is made with love (by our luxurious coffee machine 12). Not a coffee lover? No problem. We also have a lifetime supply of all sorts of tea flavors.

    Every workday around 12.30 you can enjoy a delicious lunch. From fresh salads to luxury sandwiches and fresh soups.

    Are you in need for a healthy snack? We offer bowls with some fresh fruit like bananas, apples, pears and much more.

    Bon appetit!


    Lunch (Easter)
    Fruit Lunch (Easter)
  • Dream testers

    When you join Wonderbox, you become a part of our “Dream testers” team and you get the opportunity to test our own experiences. This way you can experience what our customers experience and you can assess our partners' services.

    What would you like to try? A delicious dinner for two, a weekend of your dreams or an amazing balloon flight? The choice is yours!

    Take a look at some of our Dream Testers experiences.

    LOGO02 Jordan-simulateur-chute-libre Sabrina-diner-PAris-by-night sebastien-saut-en-parachute
  • Party

    When you join Wonderbox, you will find yourself in a fun, friendly and informal office space. Various fun events are organized throughout the year to create a motivated workspace and to make the employees feel at home. From the annual Wonderbox party to drinks at the office or in the city and table tennis tournaments.

    Besides all these festivities we also celebrate the birthdays of our Wonder People. We take every opportunity to celebrate our small and big victories together!
    Wonderbox présente son Lip Dub



  • Sport

    Mud masters
    SANTA RUN IMG-20161219-WA0009
    Mud masters SANTA RUN IMG-20161219-WA0009 Planking
  • Behind the scenes
  • Good Food, Good Mood
  • Dream testers
  • Party
  • Sport




My journey at Wonderbox began as an internship and ended with a job as a marketing employee. During my internship I was responsible for presenting the partners on the websites in the best way possible and creating posts for multiple social media platforms.


What I enjoyed the most during my internship was seeing how things work within an international company and learning how to manage and create the responsibilities given to me.

I will always remember my internship as a wonderful time!’



At Wonderbox I’m responsible for the commercial results at various retail channels. My job is to forecast and track sales and proactively derive actions in alignment with the strategy to address gaps and opportunities.


What I enjoy most are the relationships I build with the buyers and the visibility of my work in stores across the Netherlands. What I like within Wonderbox is the entrepreneurial spirit and cultural that Wonderbox has.



“My job is to create content (visual and textual) for our several websites, giftboxes, gift cards and displays. But also for other online elements such as newsletters, social media adds and promotions.


It is an interesting job because it is very creative and challenging. Not one day is the same. It’s fun to keep improving designs and creations to achieve the best product and experience for the consumers !”



As a Service Desk Employee at Wonderbox you’re responsible for all customer contacts. We help customers by telephone, e-mail and some social media channels. This is important for sales, word-of-mouth advertising and online feedback.


It is nice to know that people can start enjoying their experience through our help.


Managment Control

My job is to keep a follow-through of the financial results of the group, to accompany the operational staff in the making and monitoring of their budgets. We create dashboards which show all of the group’s results in order to help decision-making.


This profession is linked to all the company departments in such a way that each action decided is then transcribed in the end by a financial flow. We must be aware of every decision taken and understand every job in order to support the operational staff. We constantly provide accurate and precise information on the financial health of the group to the management.


Product manager

My job is to focuses on two main areas:

  • analyzing the market, the competition and product sales trends.
  • designing new and improved gift boxes based on market analysis and recommendations. I am already looking forward to see the new and improved products in stores!

What I enjoy the most is to put the recommendations in to place. To design a new giftbox from stunning visuals to catchy titles is the creative part of the job that I certainly like to do.

It’s interesting to see how little adaptation to a giftbox can result in better sales. That’s also why the market analysis is the key to everything!


Field account & Junior KAM

My job is to ensure the best visibility for both brands in all stores and throughout the year. It’s vital that our gift boxes are displayed in the right place and at the right time to guarantee sales are up.


What I like the best is establishing a trust relationship with the store managers. They know we offer high-quality products that can boost their sales.


Business relations are important in this line of work.


Partnership Developer

I’m in charge of setting up partnerships :
* In a national (and international) scale for our Magazines & Newspapers gift box
* In the regions of Brussels, Liège and Luxembourg for all our product range (stay, gastronomy, wellness, sports and leisure).

In other words, I cold-call but I also work on maintaining strong relationships with existing partners.
What I enjoy the most about my job is bringing new great activities to our customers and making our partners happy by receiving new clients thanks to Wonderbox !



My job is to monitor all activities related to the user’s work environment. As a Support Manager, I lead a team of technicians and together we help employees in their everyday use (of their IT devices) by proposing solutions to their technical problems.


We must ensure to maintain in operational condition all of the computer equipment and phone equipment of the company. We constantly audit our processes and our working method for the sake of efficiency and quality of service.


What I like in my job is the analytical dimension of it; it is to measure performance, to highlight the various indicators inherent to the activity, to be in a process of continuous improvement and to find areas for improvement or innovative solutions.



As the Supply Chain Officer of Wonderbox, I’m responsible for the production, logistics, stocks of our several giftboxes, giftcards and displays. Me and my team are also responsible for the technical background of our products.


I like my job because of the enormous diversity! One day you are overcoming challenges and the other day you are optimizing processes. In my role you see a lot of different aspects of the world behind the giftcards.



My job consists in putting forward and manage the implementation of solutions offering the best ratio in terms of deadlines, needs, costs, upgradability and homogeneity.


What I like about my profession is coordinate technical teams in a very rich technologic environment. And most of all, the taste for adventure: each project is a challenge!



My work is to animate the website to create a dynamic and develop online sales. As well I solicit our customers through an emailing campaign and   throughout their life-cycle.


It is an interesting job for me because it enables the best possible support of every commercial highlights and the online customer routing optimization; always giving a meaning to their experience.

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